Kindly Drop your Birthday Messages and Prayers for Daddy G.O on the occasion of his  78th Birthday Celebration.

God Bless you!

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


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  1. Babatunde Onadeko

    Happy birthday daddy. May your light never go dim in the name of Jesus and May the Lord renew your anointing with a fresh oil in the name of Jesus. We shall reign with our Lord Jesus on the last day in Jesus name

  2. Pastor maduka Kingsley

    Daddy, our God will continue to uphold you to the end as you celebrate your 78yrs birthday

  3. Omoaka Friday

    Happy birthday Daddy. May Yahweh anoint you with a fresh oil. Your sun will not set yet. As your days, so shall your strength be in Jesus mighty name, amen. I love and honour you sir.

  4. Olufunmilola Ajala

    Happy belated birthday wish to my darling daddy G.O. with love sir. The Almighty God will continue with you in am unimaginable way in Jesus name and he will continue to proper your life with long life in sound health in Jesus name sir. Amen. Love you greatly daddy

  5. Wale & Iyanu Clement

    To our Esteemed Daddy,

    My wife and I bless God for His grace upon your life, our prayer is that Father of Light will continue to increase you in anointing, strength and may you finish well & strong in Jesus name, Amen.

    Equally important to us is that, our mansion ( in heaven) will be very close to yours in Jesus name.
    Happy Birthday Daddy.

    Wale & Iyanu Clement

  6. Oni Oluwatosin Temitope

    My Daddy! Happy Birthday sir!!! I can only pray for more grace and auction to keep functioning for the kingdom business sir. Heavens will pray for you in Jesus mighty name. Once again Happy Birthday Daddy!

  7. Alago oyetunde Olamilekan

    Happy birthday to you daddy
    Daddy you will continue enjoy God Mercy in Jesus name Amen


    You are a blessing not only to our generation but to the coming generation. May God continue to make your faith stronger and stronger, and may He grant all your heart’s desires as you continue to grow in mind and spirit.

  9. Idakwo Joshua Ojomonabite

    The good Lord will keep you, you will continue to go from glory to glory. His strong hands will guide you till He brings you to your eternal home.
    Happy birthday daddy!

  10. Biola Adedoyin

    Happy birthday daddy. I pray that the lion in you will never be diminished. more years and more anointing in JESUS name.



  12. Chioma Juiliea Anyanwu

    Dear Daddy,
    your life is a pure example of living a Christ like life without stress. Me and my family love you and really appreciate God for making you a great instrument of His Divine Blessing .
    God Bless you Daddy and your family in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

  13. Oluwagbemileke

    My daddy, happy birthday sir, your daddy will not abadone you in Jesus name.your creator will protect & strengthen you & mummy in Jesus in Jesus name.The almighty God will renew your strength like that of an eagle to work for Him better than last year in Jesus name.

  14. Joshua Ebebeinwe

    My Dear Daddy GO, Happy birthday to you.
    You are a priceless gift to the world, particularly and very specially to our beloved country Nigeria. With you in Nigeria as God”s general and territorial commander, am restful and confidence that sons of the bond woman and their satanic agenda will never see the light of the day because God will never allow your labour in His kingdom to be wasted. I bless God for what He has used you to accomplished and He will yet accomplished. I agree with you its just the beginning.
    Your foot print in the sand of time will be humanly speaking hard to beat but with God all things are possible as you have desired that your children be greater than you. God will do as you have desired,
    Happy birthday

  15. Rapheal Christopher

    Happy Birthday Daddy, I pray you live to see more years to come in health,plenty and peace of mind.

  16. Olawale

    Happy birthday Sir. May you be fulfilled and your strength daily renewed in the name of Jesus. We appreciate and thank you for your faithful service, example and prayers. E kuu ise Oluwa Sir.

  17. Olawale

    Happy birthday Sir. May your strength be daily renewed in the name of Jesus. We appreciate and thank you for your faithful service, example and prayers. E kuu ise Oluwa Sir.

  18. Adelere Abayomi

    On behalf of my family, I hereby wish my own daddy a very Happy Birthday.
    May you live long and successfully for us, in Jesus name.
    Most importantly, daddy, you will finish well in Jesus name.
    We hope to celebrate you again next year sir.
    Our greetings to Mummy

  19. Peter BEDIAKO

    Hello Daddy
    I glorify our Daddy in heaven for your life. For being a good example of humility, excellence, obedience etc. God bless you Sir

    I hope to meet you in person to receive impartation. Thank you

  20. Ademola Adedamola

    Happy birthday in arrears Daddy, Many happy in returns,
    God that divided the red sea would continually open the part to greatness you and your family. and may all the RCCG members keying their faith through you to God get speedy answers.


  21. Grace Ezigbo

    Happy Birthday Daddy! The Lord will anoint you with His overflowing anointing and prosper you on all sides in Jesus Mighty name!

    Thank you for being a blessing to me and to millions all over the world. You will never know a better yesterday, your path will shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day (Prov. 4:18) in Jesus name. And you will keep rising from glory to glory till you meet Jesus in Eternal Glory in Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN!

  22. Idowu olawale

    Happy belated Birthday sir , May God almighty Keep strengthening and upholding you, may all your vision and mission be accomplished in your lifetime , thank you for you prayers on the lives of we your sons and daughters

    **didnt know this platform was available earlier

  23. Blessing okogun

    Daddy is me your daughter blessing okogun I wish you happy birthday and many more glorious year, daddy I pray that God will continue to keep you and strengthen you in Jesus name amen

  24. Agbeniyi Omobolaji

    Happy birthday…… Age with sufficient grace and unlimited blessings sir…….. More annoiting daddy

  25. Henry Odoi

    Happy happy birthday daddy GO.
    The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night.
    The Pillar of fire and pillar of cloud shall not depart from you all your life.

    God bless you with many more years to be a blessing till He who call you return again.
    We love you
    Always in our prayers.

  26. Gideon Adeniji

    Daddy is such a blessing to me and family.infact some years when the Lord gave me a child in month of March I name the child Enoch. I pray for daddy he will continue to relevant for life in Jesus name.Happy birthday daddy

  27. Otamba Thomas Atta

    May God be your guide and always keep you happy, May He continue to shower you with grace and more blessings and May God grant you many more years of good health.

  28. ADEGBITE Obasanjo

    Congratulation to our Daddy in the LORD Pastor Enoch Adejare ADEBOYE, Wishing you many more grace to witness many more years in the land of the living in Jesus name Amen. If Jesus Tarry.

  29. Ikponmwoba Kelvin

    Happy birthday Daddy, your messages, prayers and counsel has been of tremendous impart to me and obviously I have been on the upward swing, I thank God for sending you as a general and father to us in my generation and I pray more grace and strength is release from heaven that you will finish well and through you a greater army is raised daily to continue the good works. I love you Daddy

  30. Funmilayo kareem

    Happy birthday to you daddy long life and prosperity I ask and claim 7 folds of your call, your anointing, your age, your garment, and everything you enquire in life in Jesus name mighty name I pray Amen.

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