To register online Click Here:  Online Registration

If you have already registered then simply click here to login: Login to Partner 75

For those of us who would still like to make payments into the Banks we strongly advise you to REGISTER your details on the Partner 75 online platform first. You can do that by visiting the  Online Registration Link Here

Read more information below

Registration is to enable you get  your ONLINE PARTNER75’S CODE starting with “RCCGP75” for example RCCGP7510324 & this code will be sent to your email and to your mobile phone as text. When next you want to make your payment you don’t need to register again just go to then click on PARTNER75 LOGIN Link here, to sign in.  You will be required to enter your membership code and your mobile phone number as password and the system will bring you to your membership page where you can then make payment ONLINE.

You can click on HISTORICAL PAYMENT DETAILS to see all the contributions you have made from the day partner75 programme started till date. Kindly be reminded for  those who want to pay cash, you have to register first, and then obtain your PARTNER75 code. You will then take this code to any branch of Zenith Bank and pay cash. Please note that you must go there with your PARTNER75 CODE for the payment to appear under your name.

For each payment you make you will receive either a confirmation email and/or sms from RCCG server and you can login to view such payments. You can also download RCCG MOBILE PAYMENT app from to make payment using your mobile phones.

For more information you may also click here: Partner75  Online Payment Information

You can now make payments into the Following Bank accounts if you decide not to use the online payment platform:

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ   Bank: Zenith Bank  (Naira) 1130072053 

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: GTB (Naira) 0118192289 (USD) 0008109979

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: FCMB (Naira) 4428912010 

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: UBA (GBP Pounds) 3000953808

Kindly note that you can also make your donation for an entire year at once if so desire


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Worldwide), Pastor E A Adeboye has requested that His Children (Those that call him Daddy) become members of  “Partners 75”

The Partners 75 are those who are willing to sacrifice 75 of what they have to support the missionary work of the Church.


For you to be a member of the Partners 75, you may join any of the following groups.


General: Pray for Pastor E.A Adeboye for 75 minutes or more every month. This roughly equates to about two and a half minutes a day.


Group 1

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75 Kobo

America. Monthly donation of 75 cents

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75 pence

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75 European coins

Group 2

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 7.50 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 7.50 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 7.50 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 7.50 Euros

Group 3

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 75.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75.00 Euros


Group 4

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 750.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 750.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 750.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 750.00 Euros


Group 5

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Euros

Group 6

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Euros

Group 7

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Euros

Group 8

You can donate any amount higher than those in any of the previous Groups monthly.

If you are writing a Cheque, kindly address it to “Redeemed Christian Church of God” and write ” Missions Effort” at the back of the Cheque.

God Bless you!

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


Km 46 Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Redemption Camp, Nigeria.
Phone: +234-1-8447340, +234-0-7098213112
Email: [email protected]


  1. Alice Omoni

    Happy birthday Daddy GO. You are truly a blessing to our world. Our God will keep you in His love and wisdom to lead the flock. You will always Hear from your beloved Daddy to bless us!

  2. olonisakin adebisi

    Calvary greetings, I’ve transfer my partner 75 and that of my family to rccg HQ act. no. 1006803688 UBA. with partner 75 as remarks. please am I in order?

  3. olonisakin adebisi

    Calvary greetings, i have transfered my partner 75 and that of my family members to rccg HQ act. no. 1006803688 UBA. with partner 75 as remarks. please, am i in order?

  4. Olu Onabule

    Thank you for the privilege to sow into the Missions.
    Is there a PayPal Payment option?
    I’m in the UK & I’m not sure on methods of Payment available to me.
    Thank you & God bless you immensely.

  5. Kayode Adekunle

    Please provide account number to pay by online transfer/auto monthly pay instruction; this is easier, thanks.

  6. Ajose Tawakalitu Adenike

    Pls sir, can we have an account number to pay into in case someone doesn’t have cheque.

  7. Akin Proph

    Happy Birthday Daddy. We wish you well in Jesus name.

    As for those who are asking about the Payment Modalities for the ‘Partner 75’, lets be a little patient. I just spoke with the Admin in my Province and he said one can pay to his/her Parish and tag the payment envelop ”Partner 75, Mission Effort”. It will be remitted together with that of others as at when due. And for non members, RCCG is almost everywhere. Locate a parish close to you and drop your seed. But for those that desire to pay via other discret means, please wait a little, work is ongoing to making the payment more convinient. And please note: THE PARTNER 75 IS DIFFERENT FROM COVENANT PARTNERS. ONE DOES NOT CANCEL THE OTHER. So you can pay for both as the LORD has blessed you. Its a freewill donation/support, and so DO AS MUCH AS IT IS FROM YOUR HEART – WILLINGLY AND CHEERFULLY. No one trades with God and lose. God bless us ALL.

  8. olushola

    i want to know the different between covenant partner and partner 75,if covenant partner is still contiune

  9. My name is Ochià Emmanuel Egbowho. Myself and family wish you happy birthday . May the strength from our Father in heaven above overshadow you continually to take this great mission to its peak. May His abundant Grace be sufficient for your family so shall it be. Let us have the account number for mission 75. Thank you Daddy.

  10. Ojediran Temitayo

    Good morning.

    I’m a registered member of covenant partners. My code is RCCGCP372930.

    Pls, I want to ask a question. Does it mean this new partner 75 is replacing covenant partners? That’s, if I join partner 75, I don’t have any obligations under covenant partners.

    Thank you.

  11. Olusegun Adewale Daniel

    Indeed, God is determined to set us up for unprecedented blessings via this medium. Every practitioner will be eternally partaker of the covenant heritage that works for the Redeemed Christian Church of God. l challenge you all to seize this opportunity to attain greatness. IF YOU MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY, IT MAY TAKE YOU YEARS TO GET IT BACK. God bless me

  12. Modupeola Jaji

    A very Happy Birthday to our Daddy EA Adeboye. Please let us know the time line when the payment portal will be available for the Partner 75 donation, so that we know when to check back.

  13. adesina adeyemi

    kindly update us on how to make direct transfer,God bless,Happy birthday Daddy,God bless you continually in Jesus name,amen.

    • Uche


      I’m having challenges registering, I keep getting the error message “Could not connect to MySQL SERVER”.

      I’ll appreciate if it it’s looked into.

      Thank you.

  14. babatunde

    Happy BirthDay Daddy, many more years to come. My family and I are really grateful to God for being under your grace. More anointing and renewed strength Sir. Pls Daddy we are really waiting for the bank details for partner75. Pls we prefer to pay directly into partner75 bank acct rather than from hand to hand.

  15. Enoyi Patrick

    God bless u daddy,u have been of great blessing to me.I join group 4 ,but how do i pay d money,i need account number.

    Patrick Enoyi.

  16. Edward A

    Dear Sir, The partners 75 option is still not available on the on-line payment option for credit card payments. Please when can we expect this to be active. Thank you sir

  17. Edward A

    Dear Sir, Respect of USD transfers, please confirm RCCG Camp branch/sort codes for Zenith Bank and GT Bank respectively.

    Swift codes as retrieved from the internet, ZEIBNGLAXXX and GTBINGLAXXX respectively, please confirm.

    Thank you sir

  18. Edward A

    Dear Sir, Correction, please advise Zenith Bank and GT Bank branch/sort codes for Partners 75 account numbers quoted above.

    Thank you sir

  19. Edward A

    Dear Sir, RCCGP75691629 was send via e-mail. Try logging in with this code, but error message, keeps popping up, saying code is wrong or inactive and should try make payment at the bank. Kindly please assist to verify.

    Other wise, please assist with Zenith bank and GT bank branch/sort codes for the USD accounts. Thank you sir

  20. Edward A

    Dear Sir, Thank you for the reply.Tried searching for the sort codes on the internet, are both accounts based at the branches at the Camp, if so will use the codes retrieved from the bank’s respective websites.Kindly please confirm

    Also, please confirm, the Partners 75 on-line platform is giving challenges, have you received any complaints or is the fault mine. Cannot log in with RCCGP75691629. Tried logging in today again, to try and obtain another code, server could not be contacted. Please confirm platform is live and green. Thank you sir

  21. Edward A

    Dear Sir,
    Payment successful on platform, eventually registered again using another e-mail address, received another P75 code and effected payment.

    Thank you sir, and God bless

  22. Roland A

    Dear Sir,
    I made payment online on 11/3/2017 with transaction reference P7522456639795.
    However, the status on my partner75 (with ID RCCGP75282550) is still showing failed even when the transaction was approved immediately.
    Please check and effect the necessary correction.
    Thank you sir

  23. Ajose Tawakalitu Adenike

    Dear Sir,
    i have registered but have not gotten any code either by email or sms.
    what should i do?

  24. olubode clement olurin

    Happy belated birthday to father of fathers, the Pastor of Pastors, the coach of coaches, mentor of mentors. The Lord will renew your strength. The Lord will uphold you to the end. You will finish well. Congratulations!

  25. Olayemi Adebambo

    Is this different from convenant partners? Have been a convenant partner for some years, do i have to move my seed to partner 75? Or is convenant partner still existing?

  26. Adetoun Asala

    Hello, Please help rectify, I tried paying online but it failed couple of times, so I did internet transfer to the GT account number and I stated my code and the purpose of payment while doing the internet transfer. The amount paid I transferred is yet to reflect in my Partner 75 account.
    Please help rectify or advise on what to do.


    please i have being asking if you are a partner in Redeeme how people in germany or europe can pay i have try my best to contact the head of pastors in germany write him a mail but no reply.It i sad that we want to do it but noway the account that isonline i have try it the sent the money back because
    there is no name under which is directed to the account.please you guy try to see how you can help us thank.

  28. Eze Enuma Joshua

    Please when we make our payment in any of the banks, do we write our names on the depositor’s space or should it be our partner 75 code.

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