To register online Click Here:  Online Registration

If you have already registered then simply click here to login: Login to Partner 75

For those of us who would still like to make payments into the Banks we strongly advise you to REGISTER your details on the Partner 75 online platform first. You can do that by visiting the  Online Registration Link Here

Read more information below

Registration is to enable you get  your ONLINE PARTNER75’S CODE starting with “RCCGP75” for example RCCGP7510324 & this code will be sent to your email and to your mobile phone as text. When next you want to make your payment you don’t need to register again just go to then click on PARTNER75 LOGIN Link here, to sign in.  You will be required to enter your membership code and your mobile phone number as password and the system will bring you to your membership page where you can then make payment ONLINE.

You can click on HISTORICAL PAYMENT DETAILS to see all the contributions you have made from the day partner75 programme started till date. Kindly be reminded for  those who want to pay cash, you have to register first, and then obtain your PARTNER75 code. You will then take this code to any branch of Zenith Bank and pay cash. Please note that you must go there with your PARTNER75 CODE for the payment to appear under your name.

For each payment you make you will receive either a confirmation email and/or sms from RCCG server and you can login to view such payments. You can also download RCCG MOBILE PAYMENT app from to make payment using your mobile phones.

For more information you may also click here: Partner75  Online Payment Information

You can now make payments into the Following Bank accounts if you decide not to use the online payment platform:

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ   Bank: Zenith Bank  (Naira) 1130072053 

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: GTB (Naira) 0118192289 (USD) 0008109979

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: FCMB (Naira) 4428912010 

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: UBA (GBP Pounds) 3000953808

Kindly note that you can also make your donation for an entire year at once if so desire


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Worldwide), Pastor E A Adeboye has requested that His Children (Those that call him Daddy) become members of  “Partners 75”

The Partners 75 are those who are willing to sacrifice 75 of what they have to support the missionary work of the Church.


For you to be a member of the Partners 75, you may join any of the following groups.


General: Pray for Pastor E.A Adeboye for 75 minutes or more every month. This roughly equates to about two and a half minutes a day.


Group 1

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75 Kobo

America. Monthly donation of 75 cents

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75 pence

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75 European coins

Group 2

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 7.50 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 7.50 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 7.50 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 7.50 Euros

Group 3

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 75.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75.00 Euros


Group 4

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 750.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 750.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 750.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 750.00 Euros


Group 5

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Euros

Group 6

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Euros

Group 7

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Euros

Group 8

You can donate any amount higher than those in any of the previous Groups monthly.

If you are writing a Cheque, kindly address it to “Redeemed Christian Church of God” and write ” Missions Effort” at the back of the Cheque.

God Bless you!

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


Km 46 Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Redemption Camp, Nigeria.
Phone: +234-1-8447340, +234-0-7098213112
Email: [email protected]


  1. Popoola Oluwakemi Lola

    I registered last week and I was given my donation ID(RCCGP75123057) . I paid cash for eight (8) months at FCMB Camp Branch on 9/8/17 but I have not received any message to confirm my payment. I just want to be sure that I have not paid to a wrong account. Thanks.

  2. Ubani oluchi

    Good evening, pledged 7,500,being for 2 months at once, but my update at my profile shows payment of two months, when I have deposited more than that.

  3. Bakare Olusegun Oladapo

    Am in Atlanta Georgia, I registered already but trying to make payment online but only saw option for Gtb and Zenith bank.

  4. Hello site admin, the list of prayer points that Daddy gave is not included in the requirement for membership.
    I’m sure he gave some in addition to praying for him. We will appreciate if this can be updated.
    Many thanks


    I registered today and i paid the sum of NGN7,500 into the Zenith bank account but my profile is not updated. This is my registration code RCCGP75810878. Hope we are on the right part.

  6. Deborah Benson Esho

    I want to make a payment as a partner 75 into the banks account but none of the three banks are functioning so what do I do

  7. I registered for Partner75 last week on 13th SEP and was given my registration code RCCGP75810878 which payment of NGN7,500 was made into Zenith bank here in AJAH, but up till date my profile is still not confirmed neither have i received any confirmation mail or sms. What do i do?

  8. Sofekun Abiodun

    i tried to register as a RCCG P75 member though i got a code but i didnt get a confirmation email so i have not been able to make my donation because i keep getting information that my log in is incorrect

  9. Esther-umo Peter Ikpeme

    Please have tried registering. I need assistance to get ID. What’s the correct account no. in zenith as I went today to pay was told the account not existing

  10. Anibuike-Okoye Benedette Nkechi

    I registered for this 75 partnership last week but has not gotten my code . How long does it take!


    Please I registered but no code has being sent to my email of phone number, I want to pay but I cant because I don’t have the code, please I need the code.
    I registered last week Friday.


    Please I registered last week and I haven’t gotten any code, please I hope this is the right site.


    I register and didn’t see any code sent,replied all the time when I tried to re-register that code has been sent to me.

    • Malachi Oluwakemi

      Thank you for registering on Partner75 Platform. Please, call RCCG CALL CENTRE on 070022557224, an agent would receive your call and you would get your code. Thank you. Remain blessed.


    I am IJIOMA NNENNA SANDRA. I paid 4500 on 19/7/17 at zenith bank Acc 1130072053 till now no payment update. My code is RCCGP75 408036. Pls I need to know what is happening before making another payment.

  15. Malachi Oluwakemi

    Thank you. Please call RCCG CALL CENTRE on 070022557224. an agent would receice your call and give you your code.

  16. Prince Nnamdi Anosike

    I pray for me that the will of God must be establish in my life maritally, academicaly, spiritually, business wise, socially & financialy.

  17. Please concerning the seed of victory,partner75,covenant offering how can I pay from USA.
    when I was in Ghana I used to pay with my zenith bank visa card online but now I have relocated to USA. Pls how can I pay

  18. Akinyele Anu

    Good evening. Pls i tried registering for 75partner since 9th Dec. I was later informed that a mail has been sent to my box for my registration code which i did not get since 10th dec. Pls what can i do?

  19. Akinbo Adeolu, A

    Sir, I want to known if notification after successful payment is not always, ‘cos I did not got some on my payment.

  20. Adewale Samson

    I want to get the registration details of my wife as my phone crashed and I cant remember the code for her.
    This is her number 08166269192

  21. Abe Omotayo Joseph

    I registered for ppartner75 today, and I have gotten my pin code. My question is can I pay my seed of victory alongside with my monthly payment. God bless Daddy G.O

  22. Abe Omotayo Joseph

    I registered for partner75 today, and I have gotten my pin code. My question is can I pay my seed of victory alongside with my monthly payment. God bless Daddy G.O

  23. I paid the sum of NGN7,500 into the Gtbank account(0118192289) in October but its yet to be updated on my profile. And again i paid NGN15,000 into the same GTB account this afternoon (08/01/2018) for NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER FEE. The account name is FARINTO OLUFUNKE ABOSEDE from Diamond account This is my registration code RCCGP75810878.

    Kindly update my profile plsssssssssssssssss so we will be sure the money is gotten.

  24. Grace Oluwatoyin Faronbi

    Compliment of the season Sir. Kindly help me out with my code. By His grace I have been faithful in paying my monthly vow but I misplaced my booklet that has my personal code for payment. I will be glad if it is resent to my email. Thank you Sir.

  25. Elegbeleye Hephzibah

    Good afternoon. Please am Elegbeleye Hephzibah from Nigeria. I paid #750 using the *737# option. But it has not shown on my history that I’ve paid anything cos it’s still recording that my transaction failed or something. Please help me see to this
    This is my code

  26. Augustina Ifediora

    I paid 750 for 4 months but i have not gotten any sms.i hope i paid into the right account. my code no is Rccgp75292899 at fcmb on d 16th of feb. 2018,please update my account so i can compete my payments.thank you

  27. olasunbo olatunji

    I registered for Partner 75 and got a code but each time l tried to pay on line it keeps saying my code is inactive. have been finding difficult to pay. l live in the USA. Can you please resolve this issue? my email address is [email protected]

    Olasunbo Olatunji

  28. Ifadah Odion Anthony

    Ifadah Odion Anthony
    I registered for partner 75 and I was trying to make payment online, I couldn’t get through. please can I go to the bank next Monday to make my payment at the bank.

    Ifadah Odion Anthony

  29. Okugbe Friday O.

    Good afternoon sir/ma. Please I need response as soon as possible. I have issues with the online banking, so I want to ask if I can make online transfer to the Acct detail below

  30. Sowunmi Anuoluwapo

    please I make payment to FCMB Abeokuta, on Wednesday 21/03/2018 with the ID Num: RCCGP75618060 but it is not updated. I want to confirm if have paid to the right place.

  31. Oluokun Yemi Esther

    Calvary greeting,I am part of Partner 75,I pledged under group 5 of 7,500monthly during my daddy’s birthday at d camp,I paid at Haggai bank for 7month,I.e march to sept,17,I have not received call or text message since then,pls,help me check if my name is on d list bcos I Dont have code&I Dont know how I can have one,I live in d north,I wan to update my account pls.

  32. OLALEYE R.F.

    Good morning. Please what next after payment in the bank. Though i have registered and a code has been allocated to me, what do i do with the code.
    thanks and God bless.

  33. Olaleye Richard F.

    Payment made in the bank, what is the next thing to do.
    I have registered with a code and what do i do with the code.

  34. Osere Alakhume

    I’m trying to make a payment online today – 29 April 2018, but the website isn’t connecting. I have used the website in the past for making payments. Is there a problem with the website and how soon will it be resolved.


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