1. Erstwhile stubborn mountains will move.
2. Many people will wake up to realise that their
future is not in the hand of any government and as
a result a lot of lost ground will be reclaimed.
3. Sabotteurs will be disgraced and displaced.



1. Significant goliaths will fall.
2. Before the end of the year, there will be rays
of hope that all will still be well.



1. This year there will be less fire outbreaks but
there will be more floods.
2. There will be misunderstandings amongs nation but
no major wars.
3. Pray against assasination attempts globally.
4. There will record breaking temperatures both high
and low.
5. There will be a handful of breakthroughs both
scientific and medical.
6. The count down to the end has started.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


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  1. Pastor Peter Ajayi

    Happy birthday our dear mummy. The Almighty God will continue to bless your home and ministry. Your anointing shall not run dry, you shall fulfill your ministry well and very strong in Jesus name. You shall possess the earth for God and your place in the Kingdom of God shall be glorious in Jesus name. Amen. Igba Odun, Odun Kani.

  2. Bro.Chidi Zion Nnam

    Mummy G O,My prayer and wish to you is to live long and God to satisfy you abundantly with goodness and joy unspeakable all your life as Dorcas has touched life likewise you have touched many life and I know you are the best mother and have influence life.May you live long and Happy birthday wishes that God will grant all your expectation and earnest desire in Jesus name.

  3. Peace

    Our ONE and only Mother-In-Israel. Happy birthday to you mum. More grace and anointing to fulfill alongside Daddy the will of GOD. Once again Mum, HBD.

  4. Bro, Joseph Ohia

    Mummy, i wish you happy birth day ma. May God Almighty continue to preserve your life and family IJN. Remain blessed!

  5. Bro, Joseph Ohia

    Mummy, my family & i wish you happy birth day ma. May God Almighty continue to preserve your life and your family IJN. Remain blessed!

  6. Ajayi Stephen

    Mummy, we rejoice with you on your birthday. The good Lord that has made you our ‘Mother-In-Israel’ will continually supply “ALL” and you will remain FRESH, STRENGTHENED, in His arm alone. Ride-on in His grace Mummy. We love you. Thanks for being example of the believers. Stephen Ajayi&Family. RCCG, Ogun 7

  7. Godwin Blessing Ngozi

    MUMMY you are blessed,happy birthday to you.May our good Lord continue to strengthen you in Jesus Name Amen.

  8. Oluwaseyi Excel Ajakaye Samuel

    My great Mother, Happy Birthday to you Mummy. May God continue to make you more stronger, better, greater, anointed and wealthy to do more and greater exploit for HIS glory in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  9. Prince Akozor

    Words will not be enough to express our gratitude to God for your exemplary life. You are a mother of mothers and in deed an example to other women of the World. May God almighty continue to bless and keep you for us. Happy birthday mummy!

  10. richard Edike Otuya

    Happy bitrhday Mummy General and many happy returns. My earnest for you mummy is that the God who reign in the affairs of men ‘ll reigh in your life and ministry in Jesus Name, Amen.

  11. Felix Wariboko

    Happy birthday mummy, God who have seen you through all this while will never let u down, You will keep growing from glory to glory, HE said with longlife will I santisfy u, u will live abundantly In Jesus name Amen, love u.

  12. oluwasanmi ajayi matthew

    Mummy,l your son from Ondo 5,express my gratitude to God on your 69th Birthday celebration.Long life and prosperity.You are a mother indeed.The Lord God will spare your life for Him and for the entire world for the gospel sake.God bless you richly

  13. Folayan Abiola

    happy birthday mummy long life and prosperity , i am also born in the month of july……………….happy birthday to you you

  14. Very warm wishes to a truly remarkable child of God. God has blessed your work tremendously in His vineyard. You have been a blessing to your generation and the older ones. Iwaju ni opa ebiti re yio ma re si. You will not diminish in Jesus name. Even in old age you will continue to bear fruits in hundreds to your God. Many happy returns of your birthday to our MummyGO

  15. Happy Birthday ma. We celebrate God’s grace on you and your family. As you celebrate another remarkable year, i pray the Lord continues to bless you, make your ways prosperous and may his Grace keep sustaining you. Amen.

  16. Omoniyi Lawrence O.

    I wish You Happy Birth Day Mummy. My prayer for Daddy and Mummy is that God will help You to run the race successfully and end in His bosom, Amen.
    Long Live Ma.

  17. Olusegun Abiodun Hassan

    Happy Birthday to you mummy, I wish you long life, more anointing and prosperity in the name of Jesus.

  18. Dike Kingsley

    Our mother in isreal, As you mark another birthday today, here is wishing you the very best. Our prayers is that you will live long to see your great great grand children. Happy new age with grace.

  19. Amarachi

    Our Dear Mummy, Happy Birthday Woman of God. He who began a good work in your life will sustain it to the end. For allowing yourself to be a great supporter to our Daddy in this all important heavenly call, the Lord will continue to bless and keep you. Many more fruitful years. Gracious grace.

  20. Omowunmi

    Happy and glad to appreciate and greet my beloved Daddy G.O happy marriage anniversary and also use this medium to also celebrate 50th marriage anniversary also.

  21. Soje Akeem Babatunde

    Mummy G.O

    Happy birthday long life and prosperity.
    May God continue to bless u


    Soje Akeem Babatunde

  22. Christopher azubuike

    happy birthday Mummy, my names are Christopher azubuike. i want to use this medium to say Mummy happy birthday and a long life ahead ahead. mummy please, my prayer point is that you should pray for God to break every curses, every chain that has tied our break through, our progress in life, and that God should restore everything that we have lost in the past and that God should heal my father from every pain and bless him richly in jesus name amen. ones again Mummy happy birthday to you in jesus name amen.

  23. Daddy we have a posted information going on now that our fasting start by January 1th for forty days that ends on February 19th. Pls we need information on it sir.

  24. Ubong Inyang

    Happy birthday Daddy,and happy new year to you and your entire family.Long life to you and many more years of fruitful ministry in Jesus name, much love from me and my family.

  25. Oluwasegun James

    Happy Birthday to you Mum long life and prosperity more anointing in your ministry in Jesus Name may you not be tried

  26. Martins Thompson

    Happy birthday mummy GO. More grace to ur elbow and may the good lord continues to keep, protect, direct and order ur footsteps IJN. Amen and Amen.


    TESTIMONY: I thank God for the Salvation of my soul.
    I am Brother Cornelius Onyekachi Uchegbu, from Rivers PROVINCE7, August 2016 Convention was my first time to be in the Redemption Camp. During the Friday of the Convention i came with the Handkerchief that was blessed, and just some few days after that day i got a call from my Dad in Port Harcourt saying your younger Brother is Dying, He was in pains of Appendices and was been rushed to the hospital by 9pm, then i remember the Handkerchief and the Holy Spirit ministered to me to use the Handkerchief on His picture on my Phone and Pray, then pass a decree that before they will get to the hospital Let God heal him and let there be No trace of the Appendices, so they got the hospital by 11pm and was admitted though the pains stopped while they were on the Road, so the following morning the Doctor diagnosed him but couldnt find any Appendices again. PRAISE THE LORD.
    Secondly, After the 2017 December Holy Ghost Congress, Daddy GO prayed for our Handkerchief and said we should wave it during any difficult situation, so my wife to be called me to pray For her that she don’t what she marched with her left leg and its paining her seriously, so by midnight i prayed using the Handkerchief waved the three of it, and to the Glory of God by that same morning the pain is gone. Shout Halleluyah.


    1.Lord everything that I will require to serve you better this year and the years ahead,provide for me.
    2.Lord I don’t want to be an ordinary Christian,make me a carrier of your mighty presence.
    3.Help me Lord to live and lead a holy life
    4.Lord make a way for me this year,financially,materially and academically.
    5.Lord settle me this year,marriage wise.

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