RCCG Department of Public Health

 Department of Public Health

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
Holiness Road, Opp CRM Pharmacy
Redemption Camp
Email – [email protected]
Tel – +2348133100049

Director: – DR. Joshua Abayomi Kayode MB; BS; FMCPH; FCICN

Consultant, Community Physician

Email- [email protected]
Tel.- +2348058020771

The Directorate of Public Health in RCCG is designed to combine appropriate arts and science technology in preventing diseases, prolonging life, promoting, and maintaining health and efficiencies in the Redemption City
of God, among all RCCG members, and the community at large.
She set out to be a CDC-RDT-T operator.

As an INSTITUTE for DISEASE CONTROL and PREVENTION, our strategies are:

i. Sound Epidemiological RESEARCH,
ii. Scientifically sound clinical and
iii. TRANSLATION of findings to leaders for
iv. TRAINING of various levels of scholars in
the art of Disease prevention and control.

1. To make Redemption City of God one of
the healthiest places to live on earth.
2. To promote and maintain the health of
RCCG members wherever they may be
and enhance RCCG’s Divine health policy.

3. To become an excellent broad-based
reference institute that can detect and
respond to any health threats and
4. To train scholars in the art of Disease
prevention and control.

1. To establish appropriate technology for
disease surveillance and scrutiny activities
in our community.
2. To detect and respond to new,
emerging, and re-emerging health threats.
3. To combine science, art, and advanced
technology together for disease control.
4. To tackle health problems capable of
causing death and disability.
5. To develop leaders by training the Public Health workforce and disease detectors.
6. To Improve the standard of hygiene across the city and all Redeemed members and friends wherever they are.
7. To Promote a healthy lifestyle across the city and among all Redeemed members/friends.
8. To Improve Maternal and Child health across all mission-owned maternity centers.

9. To Provide and disseminate health education materials in different languages and formats to members of the church.
10. To Encourage and promote screening
for new, common, emerging, and re-emerging disorders.
11. To Establish a sound molecular laboratory, able to detect emerging, re-emerging, and uncommon diseases.
12. To make health available, accessible, acceptable, and affordable for all.

The center was commissioned by the Mother- in- Israel, Pastor Mrs. Folu Adeboye on the 25 th of March 2020.
Operation of the Department commencedin March 2021 and since then:
1. We have screened over 5000 people for cancers, eye defects, hepatitis, and HIV put together.
2. During these screening exercises, we identified two women with advanced breast cancer, we gave financial and
emotional aid, directed them to a
treatment center, and followed them up.

3. We detected and referred about twenty women with early-stage breast or cervical abnormalities.
4. Several people who tested positive to HIV and Hepatitis B were signposted to appropriate treatment facilities.
5. We conducted mental health rally, symposium, and managed cases.
6. Furthermore, we provide over 2,000 reading glasses at no cost to people that need them and diagnose sight defects such as Cataracts.
7. We carried the above activities to the Tai Solarin University community at no cost to the university community.
8. We collaborated with Ogun State Government in polio vaccine campaigns, COVID immunization, treated bed net
distribution, and Ivermectin and
Albendazole distributions at different times.
9. Additionally, in preparation for the August 2021 and 2022 conventions, we gave a health talk to some senior staff of the national kitchen.
10. We also screened kitchen workers for infectious diseases, to prevent food poisoning during the program.
11. We improved vaccination coverage within the camp and its environs.

12. In 2021, we immunized close to a thousand children and adults with appropriate childhood vaccines, hepatitis, and COVID, vaccines.
13. We have given several topical health talks to residents of our community and others, e.g menopause at Canaan Land
Market in April, 2022 and were able to provide solutions to women who had been experiencing menopausal issues,
and cancer health education to Tai Solarin University community.
14. Aside from the above, we run clinics during the day, which cater for the health needs of people who live nearby.
15. During the 2020/ 2021 COVID pandemic, while the whole world was managing COVID, we were treating it in our center including 12 out of 15 of our staff who got
infected, particularly during the 2021 convention, they converted to negative within the 5th to 10th day of drug administration.
16. Our training unit had allowed training for Public Health and allied medical students from institutions such as
Babcock, Leads City University, Air force institute of technology, Kaduna, Ogun State college of Health Technology, etc.
17. Finally, in 2022, we produced and distributed pamphlets and videos, addressing topical issues such as: healthy living, suicide prevention, prevention of heart diseases, and reduction of gender violence.

Public Health comprised of, but not limited to:
• Information, Education, and Communication [I. E. C] unit:

• Demography, Family Health: in charge of population study, and all components of Safe Motherhood Initiatives, etc.
• Food supply and proper Nutrition units,
• Wholesome and adequate Water Supply,
• Public Health Laboratory services for screening, specific diagnosis, medical examination, etc.
• Environmental Health and basic personal Hygiene,
• Immunization against major infectious diseases,
• Prevention and Control of locally endemic, epidemic, and pandemic diseases,
• Geriatric health,

• Early and appropriate treatment unit.
• Provision of Essential Drug Lists,
• Community Mental Health,
• Public Health Emergencies, CDC [unit for emergency preparedness and response]
• School Health Services,
• Occupational Health Services,
• Medical outreaches,
• Oral Health,
• Physical fitness
• DOT services for drug adherence
• Community Ophthalmology